Thursday, March 3, 2011


So, I tend to have some trouble finishing novels, but I believe it is because I tend to be too unorgainzed with my story, and I never draft/outline it properly.  I'm beginning to discover the best way for me, personally, to outline my story.  I need to get every idea down.  Write in incomplete sentences, in miniature paragraphs, using no punctuation or dialogue, it doesn't matter how ugly it is, I simply need to put the entire plot onto paper from beginning to end.  I find that I build the story better this way.  I am about half way through my outline which is turning out to be several pages long.  In the past two days I have written over 7,500 words (11 pages) and I am not yet done for the day.  This way, when I finish the entire story in bits and pieces, I can go back and build it more.  Then I can go back and build it even more.  Retouch and retouch until it starts to resemble a novel.  Adding details, dialogue, action that makes sense, flow to the story and actual sentences.  And by writing it in a novel style I will, of course, be adding my length. I actually enjoy revising and editing much more than originally putting my ideas down.  I have a problem, and that is writing a paragraph and spending three times the amount of time it took to write it, editing it.  I don't want to move onto the next paragraph until I feel it is perfect.  Bad idea.  I get frustrated because I gain no length, so I give up.  But this way I can get the entire main story down with only very little detail.  Then I can go back and edit to my hearts content.  If I keep up this pace (which I won't because I'm about to plunge into the weekend where I will be spending time with the boyfriend), I believe I can get the story down within two days.  That would be wonderful and inspiring to me.

Any writers out there?  What are you favorite ways and times to write?  I love how every writer is different and not one way is right.  I tend to be a night writer for example, that is when I gain my best inspiration.  What's your story? (no pun intended)


Young Adventures... said...

Hi Andrea!

Welcome to the blog world! I'm interested in seeing how your novel comes along. I'm your latest follower. Have a wonderful weekend!


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