Thursday, March 3, 2011

Writing...and a lot of it

I'm a writer of many things.  Life, novels, articles, thoughts, curiosities, etc.  Right now I am working on outlining a young adult mystery story that I have recently found inspiration for.  Inspiration hits me in random spurts so I try to go with it whenever it does.  That means writing through classes, through lunch, at night, with my friends, pretty much anywhere and anytime I can.  With this blog, you can follow along in my journey to becoming a successful, published author.  If you don't have dreams, they can't come true right?  Who knows, maybe in a years time I'll be on a best seller's list and won't you be excited to be able to say you knew me when I was a nobody? ;)

I hear adding winky faces in blogposts is unprofessional.  Well that one was appropriate.

Signing off of my first blog post,
Writing with Yellow Ink,
Excited about my new novel,
-Andrea  :)



Cheryl Barker said...

Andrea, thanks so much for visiting my blog -- and congrats on starting your own today!

What an exciting time for you as you get started in the writing life. There is so much to learn about the world of publishing, but all the effort in learning and following the professional approach will pay off. (I don't have a book published yet -- I'm dreaming, too --, but my work has been used in magazines, compilations, Blue Mountain Arts greeting cards and gift books, and other publications so I know how important learning the ropes is.)

As you scroll down on the right sidebar of my blog you'll see several "For Writers" links that have been helpful to me. Maybe something there will be helpful to you, too. All the best!

Jill said...

I found your blog through Kandi's KandiLand blog. I look forward to reading your future writings!
Jill said...

thankyou for leaving a comment on my blog! good luck in your new endeavor- said...

oh, and i'm following you via google friend

Kandi said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I see lots of friendly faces in your comments! Looking forward to getting to know you and hear about your journey. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new blog. I had no idea I wasn't supposed to use a winky face. Seems like I need to do some editing! I'm following you back!

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